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At St. Mary School we strive to be Instruments of Peace. We nurture virtues and a spirit of kindness and 
compassion through Virtues in Practice and Rachel’s Challenge Programs.

Virtues in Practice helps children grow in virtues through exploring what the virtues “look like” and “sound like.” These good habits free us to be our best selves. The program covers 27 virtues over a three-year cycle. Find out more about Virtues in Practice here.

Rachel’s Challenge promotes kindness and compassion spotlighting the challenges set forth by Rachel Scott, the first victim at Columbine HS. Students are urged to create a written record of the acts of kindness they witness. We hope to spark a Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion. You can learn more about Rachel’s Challenge at

232 N. Main St.
PO Box 109
Avilla, IN 46710
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